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A revolutionary mass media platform that converts any window into a digital display. Our pioneering technology is designed to deliver captivating consumer-generated digital out-of-home content on the fly.

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Preorder the next generation system for communication in the Out-of-home. Allows you to express yourself and earn cash on the GRID as you drive.


Bringing Times Square to you. Next generation real estate technology converts your storefront or commercial glass windows into HD displays. HoloWall uses proprietary technology to create transparent HD displays that allow you to communicate with viewers and can be used to earn money from advertising via the PRANOS GRID.

Stream content with high-definition Bluetooth sound directly from your mobile phone seamlessly

What is Pranos?

PRANOS is a mass-media broadcast platform that distributes content throughout the universe.

Why Pranos?

PRANOS users can deliver out-of-home content exactly how they want the world to see it.

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