Why Pranos?

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Did you want to have a little more information behind the ‘Why Pranos?’ as a lead in here?

Freedom of Expression

Pranos users can deliver content out-of-home exactly how you want the world to see it. Linking your device to other devices in your Pranos network can strengthen and increase the reach of your message exponentially.

Express Yourself - Neighbourhood Pub

Earn Money with Easy

As the owner of a Pranos unit you have unlimited abilities to use the device to make money by distributing content and keeping 100% of the profit…


If you don’t want to source your own content, then you can opt into the Pranos Grid and make passive income by distributing programmatic ad content provided by Pranos.


The paper and plastic signage that’s used in businesses worldwide is not a sustainable solution for our environment. Pranos aims to reduce the worlds reliance on paper and plastic signage by providing an affordable multi-use solution that is much more sustainable in the long run.

SUV Beach Night

Social Distancing

Our out-of-home distribution platform allows for creative ways to stay connected while practicing proper social distancing.