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International Patents Pending

Our patent portfolio is currently pending with Design and Utility patents. 

Earn as you drive

State-of-the-art display technology

Earn income as you drive publishing ads

Innovative alternative to digital media and outdoor marketing


We are a Palo Alto, CA based company re imagining the out door world. A revolutionary system that converts any window into a digital display. Our pioneering technology is designed to deliver captivating consumer-generated digital out-of-home content on the fly.




PRANOS is a publishing platform that allows you to stream content on the window of your car or storefront. Our outdoor

digital displays allow you to interact with your environment and your network.



At Pranos our mission is to empower our customers with the uncensored freedom of self-expression outdoors enabling

consumers to amplify their voice and allowing businesses to monetize their brand.



Our vision is to unite people worldwide by establishing a decentralized network of outdoor digital communication screens

that are dynamic, interconnected, easy to use, and affordable. At scale, our publishing platform will be the primary

conduit for content distribution and emergency communication outdoors.



Our product has been designed to be turn key installation for our users. 

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Pranos is raising  through a convertible note offering.  Early crowdfunding investors have the opportunity to participate in the offering at a discounted valuation cap of approximately $8 million ($0.80/ share of common stock outstanding) for a limited time.   The remainder of the convertible note offering will have a valuation cap of $9 million or $0.90/ share.  It is open to the public and you can invest a minimum of 100$ worth of Pranos shares.